One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to improve physical health. However, staying the course and achieving fitness goals is often a failed task. To stay dedicated, our trainers suggest these tips when making challenging yet achievable 2022 fitness goals.

1 – Create Multiple Fitness Goals

Create fitness goals that target weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly progress. By creating multiple fitness goals and taking action to achieve them, you will have a greater chance of staying challenged and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

2 – Be Realistic

The easiest way to get discouraged after a few weeks is with unrealistic goals. Weight loss, muscle gain, and other signs of positive body change take a long time to develop. Start small with easy goals for the first week and first month. Creating realistic goals will help you stay encouraged throughout the journey.

3 – Do Not Compare Goals With Others

In the world of social media, it seems like everyone is in the best shape of their life. However, creating fitness goals is a personal process. Don’t let the success or tribulations of others dampen or change your goals.

4 – Reward Yourself

Going to the gym multiple times a week, eating right, and making smart health decisions is a challenging process. A great way to stay on track is by rewarding yourself for your hard work. A day off after a tiring workout is an excellent reward for the mind and body.

5 – Work With a Professional Fitness Studio

A fitness studio can help you create achievable fitness goals for 2022. More importantly, a fitness studio will challenge you and keep you on a consistent schedule. At Thrive Movement Studio, our workshops, fitness classes, and personal training sessions are built around the needs and goals of each individual.

We work closely with our students to create a unique plan for their bodies and goals. Contact us today to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Thrive Movement Studio is a fitness community that will motivate, inspire, and empower you to become your absolute best! We believe that getting stronger and healthier is just as important for you mentally, not just physically. Contact us today to book a class.

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