Testimonial Joan

Testimonial Lindsay



I have been doing SGT at Thrive twice a week for over two years now and absolutely LOVE IT! Christine Hall has put together the perfect "gold standard" model. From the trainers, to the equipment and the facility as a whole, everything is amazing. They cater to you individually but you work as a team with the others. They know "our" strengths and weaknesses and know how to push us when and where required. There is no pressure, but they seem to bring the very best out of everyone. You want to work hard because the instructors work so hard for you. Every class is different so you never get bored. I can't say enough good things about Thrive and the people that work there

Kathy P.

I have been attending Thrive since it first opened ...even after a year and half hiatus, I was welcomed back with positive and warm welcomes. I love this studio for its intimate community feel. The trainers get to know you as a person and it feels like working out with friends who care, ask and know about you as an individual. I do the SGT program twice a week and love the accountability the group holds for each other as well as the support and knowledge the trainers give.

Alison L.

The Small Group Training for Guys program has been awesome. I've been in it for almost a year now and look forward to it every week. I feel good, it's hard work made fun.

Lance B.

Christine and her team at Thrive Movement Studio are “Masters of Motivation”! I have been attending Small Group Training sessions for 1.5 years and I love every minute (even though we jokingly complain when we are working hard)! The workouts are always different, and customize to each person in the group (never more than 5 of us at a time). I have never enjoyed the ‘gym’ until I came to the ‘Studio’. Every month there is a new and exciting challenge, and I often surprise myself. Thank you Christine for your vision, passion and amazing team!

Kathleen G

I have been a client of Christine's at Thrive Movement from when she first opened in January, 2016. I totally loved it from the very beginning and realized it was exactly the type of fitness program for me. Christine and all the trainers are amazing and not only do we work very hard with very personalized attention, the workouts are varied for every class so you not only never get bored but see awesome results. The environment is very non judgemental and non competitive making you work very hard for your own benefit in the midst of a very fun environment. We have many laughs every class and have all made many new and very special friends. I would highly recommend Christine and her extremely skilled team to anyone looking for a fun and positive fitness approach for any age range.

Colleen J

Great class! Love Janey. She pushes me to do what I wouldn’t normally do.

Candisha S

This gym studio is full of friendly, supportive inspiring people - instructors & participants alike. The small group classes are the perfect size to meet new people & the instructors pay attention to everyone, adjusting weights & encouraging each person. I started with individual sessions with a personal trainer & have successfully transitioned to small group training. Joining Thrive has been one of my best life decisions for my overall health. It’s a place of acceptance, joy, and challenge.

Michelle R

I am totally enjoying my experience working out at Thrive, my instructor Jacqueline is very professional and an extremely pleasant young woman....I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Julie W

Hands down - motivating, supportive adjustments and a welcoming attitude, with the magic dash of humour and playlists that are great tempo matches. And that’s Sue. It’s true - Sue is a gem and so is Thrive.

Love this place, the workouts and the amazing instructors! It’s a community of people not a Fitness Center.

Deb F.

Thrive Core

Physical health is mental health
Moving your body will energize both your body and mind!
Life is too short.
Do the things you love to do, and don’t feel guilty about them
We are a positive and welcoming fitness community.
Let’s uplift and support one another. Choose positivity! (there’s too much negativity out there already!). Beginners are welcome, we were all beginners and YAY you for starting!
Be the change.
Move your body often. Eat well. Have fun!
Put YOU first.
Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. If you look after yourself first, you will be able to help others BETTER than if you don’t.
Motivate, inspire, empower others.
It will come back to you.