Many gyms offer both group sessions and private training classes. For newcomers, these classes are a great way to gain confidence in the gym and provide a launchpad for fitness success.

With that said, both group training and private training provide different pros and cons. If you are debating which avenue is best suited for you, continue reading.

Group Training

Group training is great for those that prefer high-energy, social, and upbeat workouts. They provide a safe space to work on form and technique while being surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals. Some gyms even offer classes that focus on specific aspects of fitness, such as HIIT, boot camp, spin, yoga, etc.

In terms of cons, group training can be a double-edged sword. While they can be fun and motivating, your workout may take a backseat to the conversations or other requests for assistance.

Another downfall of group training is the lack of accountability. You do not always feel the same responsibility of showing up to class, and you do not have a personal relationship with your trainer unless he or she is your regular personal trainer.

Private Training

With private training, you get a one-to-one session with a certified trainer. This hands-on experience can be particularly beneficial for those who want direct assistance with proper form or a more personalized experience. Private training also allows you to skip the chitchat of a large class and work on your development.

In terms of cons, private training can be expensive compared to group training. However, it may be worth the money if you know that you can work with a dedicated professional for an entire session, receive superior coaching, and are looking for a long-term relationship.

Which is Best?

Choosing between group training and private training is challenging. The best way to know what you prefer is to try them both. At Thrive Movement Studio, we offer both group classes and private training. With our fun and certified staff, we create an engaging and supportive atmosphere.

Thrive Movement Studio is a fitness community that will motivate, inspire, and empower you to become your absolute best! We believe that getting stronger and healthier is just as important for you mentally, not just physically. Contact us today to book a class.

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