Thrive makes your safety its utmost priority. Since last March, we have been implementing strict procedures to protect our clients and our trainers. We continue to go above and beyond what is asked of us so we can safely train you with peace of mind!



  • We have a ZERO-tolerance policy for any signs of sickness/COVID-19 symptoms. If you are not 100%, you will not be permitted entry and early canceled out of your session.
  • Please bring a small towel and a full water bottle with you.
  • A proof of vaccination passport is necessary to participate at the studio, until April 8, 2022 as per the current PHO.
  • Upon entry, we ask you to use the hand sanitizer that is placed at each entrance. Please space yourselves out on entry to allow for flow and social distancing, including respecting the distance between yourself and the Trainer.
  • Our groups have ALWAYS been small, with only 4-5 clients permitted in-studio for our Small Group Training Sessions. ¬†Our small size is what makes us special, as we really get to know you and your goals and needs!


  • We ask that you remain on your mat/bike for the duration of the session. All stations have been set-up for you, and include a bike, a mat, various weights and any other required equipment for your session. Each station is spaced out a minimum of 6ft apart.
  • Fans have been removed for your safety. Doors will be open to ensure proper ventilation and airflow.
  • Circuit formats have been suspended at this time.
  • Washrooms are available as needed and will be fully sanitized after each use.


  • Once your session is complete, we ask that you immediately leave the studio to allow the Trainers to clean all equipment. Each session is followed by a 15 minute sanitization block, where the Trainer cleans ALL equipment and contact points thoroughly, using Health Canada approved cleaning products.
  • Please distance yourselves upon leaving and use hand sanitizer as you exit.
  • Doors will be closed to signal that cleaning is in place.
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