Training in a small group setting is one of the best ways to see improvement. A group setting creates a fun, engaging, and exciting way to exercise. At Thrive Movement Studio, our group training session is one of our most popular classes.

Each class is a complete full-body workout. It starts with an initial assessment and then a four-month all-encompassing program. Our group sessions are structured this way because they offer five distinct advantages.

Group Sessions are Challenging

Our group sessions are constantly adapting and challenging to our members. All workout plans are designed by professional trainers who understand the nuances of challenging the body. Those who find themselves bored of their same old workout plan will love our group sessions.

Group Sessions Hold Members Accountable

Making connections in a group setting is a great way to stay committed. Our workout groups help people stay dedicated. We encourage a safe and comfortable learning environment. Members of our group become closely connected and encourage each other to do their best.

Group Sessions are Fun

Exercising should be fun. Whether you are a fitness rookie or a professional bodybuilder, it is important that you enjoy fitness training. Group sessions are some of the most enjoyable ways to exercise. The tempo is high, and everyone is sharing each other’s energy. Each workout is challenging and getting them done in a group setting brings everyone closer together.

Group Sessions are Informative

One of the biggest deterrents for those going to a gym is a lack of training. The equipment looks daunting, and nobody wants to be publicly embarrassed. Those dealing with this form of anxiety can greatly benefit from a group session.

Led by a certified trainer, our sessions teach attendees the ins and outs of the gym. They will highlight which machines to use, how to correctly perform certain lifts, and proper gym etiquette.

Group Sessions are Effective

Last but not least, group fitness sessions are effective. And it is easy to see why. They promote a culture of fun, connectivity, accountability, and provide a consistent challenge. That is why our classes are so popular. We build classes that have attendees excited to go to the gym and to see their classmates.

If you want to become stronger, fitter, and healthier, it is time to try our group training sessions. Contact us today to learn more.

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